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Necklaces as Statement Pieces: How to Make a Bold Fashion Statement

Necklaces as Statement Pieces: How to Make a Bold Fashion Statement

A necklace has the ability to transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. It is a versatile accessory that can add a touch of elegance, sophistication, and personality to your overall look. When worn as a statement piece, a necklace becomes the focal point of your ensemble, drawing attention and making a bold fashion statement. In this article, we will explore different types of necklaces and provide tips on how to wear them to create a stunning and impactful look.

Choosing the Right Necklace

The first step in making a bold fashion statement with a necklace is choosing the right one for your outfit and personal style. There are various types of necklaces available, each with its own unique characteristics. Some popular options include pendant necklaces, choker necklaces, collar necklaces, and statement bib necklaces.

Pendant necklaces are a classic choice and can be worn with almost any outfit. They feature a single charm or gemstone hanging from a chain, adding a subtle yet elegant touch to your look. Choker necklaces, on the other hand, are worn tightly around the neck and create a bold and edgy statement. They are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to a simple dress or blouse.

Collar necklaces sit snugly around the neck and can be a stunning addition to any outfit. They come in various widths and styles, from delicate and minimalist to bold and chunky. Lastly, statement bib necklaces are designed to make a bold and eye-catching statement. They usually consist of multiple layers or chunky elements that add drama and flair to your look.

Pairing with the Right Outfit

Once you have chosen the perfect necklace, it’s important to pair it with the right outfit to make a bold fashion statement. Consider the neckline of your clothing when selecting a necklace. For example, if you are wearing a V-neck or scoop neck top, a pendant necklace or a collar necklace would be an ideal choice as it will accentuate your neckline and draw attention to your face.

Alternatively, if you are wearing a high-necked or crew-necked top, a choker necklace or a statement bib necklace would work best. These necklaces will add a touch of drama and create a focal point at the base of your neck. When wearing a statement bib necklace, it’s important to keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the necklace take center stage.


To enhance the impact of your statement necklace, consider accessorizing with complementary pieces. Earrings, bracelets, and rings can all be used to enhance and balance your overall look. However, it’s essential to avoid overwhelming your outfit with too many bold accessories. Let your statement necklace shine by keeping other accessories minimal and understated.


A necklace can be the perfect accessory to make a bold fashion statement. By choosing the right necklace, pairing it with the right outfit, and accessorizing appropriately, you can create a stunning and impactful look. So, the next time you want to elevate your style and turn heads, remember that a necklace is the perfect statement piece to make it happen.

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